Principal Consultant

Academic Qualification:
B.Eng. (Civil), Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - 1983
NCC Certificate of System Analysis and design,
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria 1985
M.Sc. (Struct), Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria 1987

Professional Qualification:
Member, Nigerian Society of Engineers
Member, Computer Association of Nigeria
Member, Internet Society

Key Experience:
Engr. Aliyu Aziz is a Partner with Integrated Engineering Associates and is responsible for computer applications for structural engineering design and drafting. He has over 16 years specialist experience in the development of customised computer programmes in spreadsheets, database, AutoCAD and AutoLISP for the exclusive use of the firm.

Engr. Aliyu Aziz is also a Principal Consultant on a Joint Venture partnership with Afri-Projects Consortium, Management Consultants to the Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund (PTF) and is responsible for the Management Information Systems Department as its Head. He oversees all computer and database related activities in the organisation.

Experience Record:

1995 to Date - Afri-Projects Consortium
Principal Consultant, Head of Department (Management Information System)

Co-ordinates the Information Technology infrastructure in the organisation:

  • Oversees the procurement, installation and maintenance of computer systems, software and other accessories in the organisation.
  • Initiated and supervised the installation of a 59-node Local Area Network (LAN) in the building of the office headquarters in Abuja. Also supervises the maintenance of the LAN installation.
  • Supervised the development of project management software, Project Management Information System (PMIS) designed in-house to be used by the project desk officers.
  • Initiated and supervised the preparation of a company Web Site for the organisation and is in charge of all Internet related activities.
  • Responsible for the installation and maintenance of a 306-node Local Area Network (LAN) in the office of the organisation's client, PTF and the Wide Area Network (WAN) linking the organisation with the client.
  • Initiated and supervised the development of a financial management system for the client, PTF, built with a rules-based workflow engine specifically designed to ease the payment certification process.

Responsible for the management of all project information in the organisation:

  • Oversees the creation and maintenance of databases on contractors, consultants and projects.
  • Performs statistical analysis of project information and financial statements.
  • Generates cash flow projections and budgets.
  • Oversees the production of ad-hoc reports on project information etc.

Initiates and co-ordinates computer-related training programmes:

  • Initiated and co-ordinated several training programmes for staff both in-house and external training programmes in computer-related topics and project management.
  • Co-ordinated the computer training programme of PTF staff, including preliminary planning of the training programme, implementation of the training, by training consultants and supervision of the implementation.

Actively participated in the preparation and implementation of PTF projects:

  • Procurement of Essential Drugs for Tertiary, Secondary and Primary Health Institutions nationwide: Involved in the preliminary planning of the programme specifically the Needs Assessment, Allocation of Funds, Formulation of guidelines for preparation of tender and contract documents, Development of implementation strategy for the entire programme etc.
  • National Health and Educational Rehabilitation Programme: Involved in the development of project formulation criteria. Actively involved in the equitable allocation of funds to all institutions nation-wide. Computed and negotiated all Consultants' fees and reimbursables. Also involved in the tracking of the implementation of the projects for project status, problems, solutions and earned value.
  • Enhancing Data Processing/IT Capacity of WAEC: the project involved the procurement and installation of computers, network systems and infrastructure, and other accessories at all offices of WAEC nation-wide. Co-ordinated the preliminary planning of the programme including evaluation of consultants' technical and financial proposals, procurement contract documents and formulation of implementation strategy. Co-ordinated the implementation of the programme through supervision of the activities of the project consultant appointed by PTF and evaluation of the progress reports.

1992 to Date - Integrated Engineering Associates

  • Project Director / Engineer: - Responsible for analysis and design of office complex for Energy Commission of Nigeria, Abuja. This proposed office complex rises to 5-storey in sections of the building and 12-storey in other sections above the surrounding natural ground. The building starts on a wider base of twin hexagons but progressively glared outwards at each gable end with truncated cantilevered suspended floors that becomes stable to a maximum area of 2nd floor, which it maintained up to 4th floor. Thereafter, it successively recedes to its minimum at the 7th floor. From this level, tower block of single hexagonal base is established and maintained up to the roof level, while incorporating an auditorium at its core at the ground floor level.

    At the preliminary and feasibility stage, Engr. Aziz utilised CAD to assess the project needs, design parameters and analyse the structural systems.

  • Project Director / Engineer: Engr. Aziz was also involved in the following projects: AP Plaza, Abuja; NICON Regional Office development, Abuja; Habib Nigeria Bank Ltd., Yola; NDIC Liaison Office, Abuja; NERFUND Office Complex, Abuja. Responsibilities included computer based analysis, design and drafting.

1991 to 1992 - Mai and Associates, Kaduna

  • Project Engineer: Responsible for the administration of the Kaduna office. In addition to the office administration, was responsible for the design and management of the following projects: UBA Area Office Kaduna, Energy Research Training Centre Zaria, Bursary Department Kaduna Polytechnic, Extension to AERLS Zaria, National Archives Kaduna, Sharia Court Complex Katsina, NACB proposed Head Office extension Kaduna, IBWA Katsina, CMB Kaduna, NEPA Headquarters Abuja, NACB office block Abuja.

1990 to 1991 - Mai and Associates, Kaduna

  • Resident Engineer: At Gongola State Secretariat - Yola to supervise the construction of 8 blocks - 4-storey office complex. Over this period, was also responsible for the rehabilitation and supervision of underpinning works at Habib Bank Yola. Also responsible for the supervision of NACB State offices at Yola and Maiduguri, Mosque at Shelleng, Afribank permanent Branch Maiduguri, Rehabilitation of water supply schemes for Federal Polytechnics Mubi and Bauchi, and Sports Complex Phase II, Yola.

1988 to 1989 - Mai and Associates, Kaduna

  • Senior Engineer: Aziz was responsible for various civil and structural engineering projects. These included IBWA Zaria Branch, Gaskiya Agro-Chemical Plant, Kaduna, a soft drinks factory at Minna, National Universities Commission Secretariat Abuja, Sports Complex for ABU Zaria, Auditorium for Faculty of Education, ABU Zaria, Mosque at GRA Katsina, New Chouchi Bridge at Yola, bridges and box culverts for Emutu Erosion Control Works in Bendel State.

1987 - 1988 - Mai and Associates, Kaduna

  • Graduate Engineer: As Graduate Engineer, Aziz was responsible for the design, planning and supervision of structural engineering projects. These include the NNDC/IMANI housing project at Abuja, National Steel Council Headquarters, Kaduna, IBWA Kaduna South Branch and NACB Staff housing at Jos and Bauchi.

1984 - 1987 Department of Civil Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - Graduate Assistant

  • Teaching Engineering Strength of Materials and Computer Methods to undergraduate students while undertaking MSc programme.

Samaila Consultant, Kaduna

  • System Analyst Responsibilities included computer based analysis and design of multi-storey buildings and highway bridges in Abuja.

1983 - 1984 National Youth Service Corps, Building Department, Nigeria Mining Cooperation, Jos.

Last Publications:

ABATAN A.O. and Abubakar, A.A.
"Computer assisted Civil Engineering Education at Ahmadu Bello University", Proc., 1st National Conference in Computer Applications, Lagos, Nigeria, February, 1985, pp. 125 - 134.

ABATAN A.O. and Abubakar, A.A.
"Software Development in Structural Engineering via Systems Modelling". Proc, International Conference on the Theory, Methods and Practice of Programming' by Computer Association of Nigeria, Badagry, Nigeria, April, 1985 pp. 1 - 17

Aliyu A. Aziz
"AutoCAD - based Structural Drafting, Detailing and Bending Schedules Preparations". New Techniques and Practices in Structural Design Workshop for Nigerian Society of Engineers, September, 1994.

Aliyu A. Aziz
"Analysis and Design of Solid Slabs to BS8110" Spreadsheet Topics on Computerised Design Office Practice Workshop for Nigerian Society of Engineers, February, 1995.

Aliyu A. Aziz
"Intranet Development in a Project-Based Enterprise" Paper Presented at International Conference ISOC (Nig) '99 for Internet Society, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, January, 1999.

Aliyu A. Aziz
"Repositioning the Consulting Engineer in the Third Millennium" PowerPoint Presentation at National Conference, Lagos for Association of Consulting Engineers (ACEN), November 1999.

Spreadsheet Applications Developed:

  • Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Pad Footings
  • Analysis and Design for Hollow Clay Pots
  • Wind Analysis of multi-storey buildings
  • Analysis and Design of 2 - Way Solid Slabs to BS8110
  • Design of Reinforced Concrete Sections.

References:   Available on Request


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